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Prescription Sunglasses Canada

Protect your eyes from the sun and harmful UV rays in style. Browse our selection of online prescription sunglasses and click the heart to add frames to your “Favorite” list. After you select your frames, choose from several sunglasses lens options including colour tint, mirrored lenses, polarized lenses, or gradient tint.

The right eye accessory will help protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. It will shield your eyes when you step outside and so, it makes sense to invest in prescription sunglasses if you want to correct your vision and protect your eyes at the same time. Choosing the right pair is not always that easy and so, it makes sense to ensure that your next pair offers a good fit and has the right eye treatment on the lenses.

You can buy the best prescription sunglasses in Canada at You can order your next pair here because not only do you get to buy affordably priced high-quality prescription sunglasses online in Canada at but also the entire shopping experience is very easy and satisfying. Prescription sunglasses are a very popular option and you have an endless number of styles and options to choose from at if you have a visual impairment, then choosing the best prescription sunglasses should be your number one concern and priority.

A good pair of prescription sunglasses will protect your eyes in sunny conditions and also help you see clearly. It is also much better than a pair of sunglasses with tinted lenses that can be clipped over conventional frames. A good pair is also more elegant and is the perfect eye accessory that is designed to make life easier on your eyes. The best sunglasses are also very attractive and are a good option for cyclists that need seamless vision in challenging conditions. They can also help anglers see clearly and not have to fiddle with clip-ons when light conditions turn very bright. Even when driving your vehicle, these sunglasses are the best option. There are plenty of good reasons to choose prescription sunglasses from

The good news is that you can buy your next pair very easily and you can also opt for a pair with polarized lenses if you want protection for your eyes from blinding glare. Here are a few easy ways that you can buy prescription sunglasses online in Canada from All that you have to do is choose a frame size that is right for your face and you should also choose a suitable frame shape and style. Next, you have to choose a good lens material and lens type and then you can add your prescription and complete your order.

Make sure that you choose the right frame size and make sure that it fits your face perfectly. A poor fit is bad because your sunglasses will feel very uncomfortable which is why you need to ensure that you are choosing the right frame size for your face. Once you have decided on a frame, you can use the virtual try-on feature at to see how it looks on your face. Use this feature to try on as many different pairs as you need so that you can find the best pair for your face.

You also need to choose the right lens type. Does this mean that you should decide whether to go for single or distance vision lenses or are progressive lenses better for your needs? After that, you should choose the right lens material and lens colour. Just like it is very important to choose the right frame size, so too it is important that you choose the right lens material and lens colour. Each lens material offers its set of advantages and so, be sure to research different lens materials so that you end up with the best one for your needs and budget. You also need to choose the right lens colour and to do that make sure that you reference a good lens colour guide.

Finally, you can add your prescription at You can copy your prescription into the form provided by or you can speak with their customer care executive to get help in filling out your prescription properly. Make sure to include your PD measurement at this stage and then you need to complete your order by making the payment. is a great place to shop for cheap prescription sunglasses. Keep in mind that it is very important to protect your eyes against the glare of the sun. Unprotected eyes can develop cataracts as well as macular degeneration and they may even experience unwanted growth in the eyes, including cancer. If you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun, then you must wear the right eye protection and cheap prescription sunglasses are readily available at

When choosing your next pair at this site, make sure that you pick a pair that provides not less than 99 percent protection against the dangerous UV rays of the sun. if you are not sure about how much protection your sunglasses offer against UV rays, then be sure to speak with the customer care executives at They will provide you with all the help and guidance you need to choose the best pair for your needs.

It would help if you also considered the benefits of wearing polarized prescription sunglasses which are readily available at These sunglasses are the best way for you to enjoy better visual clarity but keep in mind that not every pair offers UV protection. So, make sure you check for this when shopping for your next pair. You also want to ensure that you are choosing a pair with the right lens colours. The tint or shade of your lenses indicates the amount of UV protection offered by the lenses. Tinted lenses, for example, are good at reducing brightness but they do not specifically block out all UV rays or harsh glares. Again, you can speak with the customer care executives at for more help and guidance on this subject.

Gray lenses for example are good at ensuring better colour perception but they do not enhance contrast. Amber lenses on the other hand are great for wearing in cloudy or hazy conditions and are great at offering good contrast. They also help to minimize eye strain. They are good for hunters and pilots while gray lenses are great for golfers or cyclists or runners. Red lenses provide outstanding depth perception in low light conditions and are great for skiers and hunters. Green lenses can offer true colour perception and they also offer good contrast making them perfect for reducing glare in bright conditions.

When the time comes to choose the best prescription sunglasses, there is no better way than to shop for them at The entire process of choosing the best pair at this site is very uncomplicated and straightforward, and you have more options here when looking for the best lenses and frames. If you are not sure about how to choose the best prescription sunglasses at, do not hesitate in contacting their customer care executives as they are ready to offer you all the required assistance. they will answer all your questions and help you pick the perfect pair.

The best prescription sunglasses are those that offer total UV protection and they may also offer polarization. They are made from the best materials and will last you for a long time thereby protecting your investment. If you are going to spend a lot of time in areas that have plenty of water or sand or snow or if you are in an area where the light gets reflected off the surface, then it makes sense for you to wear polarized prescription sunglasses. Keep in mind that dark sunglasses do not always offer UV protection and that polarized sunglasses are the best for reducing glare though they may not always block UV rays alone. Make sure that you choose a pair that is of the right size and a larger frame is recommended as it provides the best protection for your eyes. Also, go with a pair that offers decent impact protection, and do not break the bank trying to buy the best prescription sunglasses. Fortunately, offers the best prescription sunglasses at the most affordable prices. is also the best place for prescription sunglasses for men. They offer the most popular styles and shapes for men and you will find it easy to shop here for wayfarers as well as aviator frames. These are the most timeless frame styles and are perfect for men who want to sport the classic and most effortless look. However, also offers more options including items that suit quirkier-minded men. For them, there are horn-rimmed frames to choose and they can also go with wooden frames. For men that are worried about their eye health, offers polarized prescription sunglasses for men which offer the best vision protection as well as being very stylish. provides the most convenient online shopping experience and will make it very easy for you to narrow your search to just the frames and lenses that interest you. In addition, they provide the best deals on men’s prescription sunglasses and offer excellent customer service to help answer all your queries. They also have a very quick and easy checkout process which makes the entire buying process very effortless.

Prescription sunglasses for men are ideal because they are very fashionable as well as functional. You can shop for your men’s prescription sunglasses at as they have an excellent collection of sunglasses that are available in many different shapes and colours. You can shop here for a pair that exudes attitude or you can go with their vintage-inspired and very cool prescription sunglasses for men. Keep in mind that you must protect your eyes from bright light as then you won’t have to worry about developing eye problems like cataracts or macular degeneration. This is especially important when you are going to be out in the sun for extended periods. is also the right place to shop for prescription sunglasses for women. Their collection of women’s prescription sunglasses is varied and different from those that are designed for men. When shopping for prescription sunglasses for women at make sure that you choose the right frame size. You must factor in the frame dimensions before making your choice and also get eyewear that suits your lifestyle. The right pair will protect a woman’s eyes from all eye hazards and when you buy them from you will also find it easy to buy frames that have very flattering shapes.

Keep in mind that when shopping for prescription sunglasses for women, you should pick frames that flatter your facial shape and that is possible when you opt for a frame shape that contrasts with the condition of your face. Also, ensure that the sunglasses you choose meet your vision requirements and use frames that can accommodate your prescription. You should also assess the features of your women’s prescription sunglasses before choosing your next pair. Each frame comes with unique design features. So, choose the ones that best suit your face and go with neutral or statement frames if they suit the colour of your skin and hair. Finally, you can also customize your prescription sunglasses for women at this means that you will find it easy to pick the right frame colour and you can pick and choose from different types of lenses and lens finishes.

The best part is that at, you will also come across a wide range of options when shopping for prescription aviator sunglasses. Just make sure that you choose a pair that has the right fit and size of the frame. The frames must also be functional but they should not hinder your vision when you wear them under a helmet or headset. The nice thing about choosing prescription aviator sunglasses is that they are a timeless option that is very popular among men in particular and women also like to wear them, when possible. These are the most popular sunglasses frames as they are great for wearing when you want to sport a ‘rough and ready’ look or if you want to look more masculine or tough. You should opt for prescription aviator sunglasses if they suit the shape of your face.

If you have weak eyesight or if you are worried about damaging your vision through exposure to bright sunlight, then you should consider wearing prescription sport sunglasses. They are the perfect option for the committed sportsperson and can make a big difference in your enjoyment of your sport as well as your performance on the sports field. If you are not sure about how to buy the right prescription sport sunglasses, the following should help you get a good idea.

Before shopping for prescription sport sunglasses, make sure that you check out because it is here that you can buy the best quality and most affordable sport sunglasses with a prescription. Next, you need to look at a few things to help you choose the right pair. The first thing to consider is the technology that goes into the making of the frames. This will allow you to find a pair that fits well and which offers a good grip as well as complete coverage. You also want to look closely at the lens technology so that you get to pick a pair that offers good contrast enhancement as well as total protection for your eyes from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. Also, make sure that you know the difference between polarized and non-polarized lenses and also think about whether to go with transition lenses.

The right lens technology will ensure that you enjoy the pristine and enhanced vision and that you do so without compromising on eye protection. The good news is that at you can find lenses that are made from different materials. Go with a pair that is impact resistant as it is the best option when choosing prescription sport sunglasses. These lenses will offer superior protection against bumps and hits without compromising your eye safety.

Another option worth exploring is clip-on sunglasses for prescription glasses. If you are planning on spending time on a sunny day at the beach and you want to do some reading, then consider using clip-on sunglasses for prescription glasses. They are very convenient as well as inexpensive and will protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun without compromising your vision. At, you can choose from different clip-on sunglasses for prescription glasses including those that use magnetic clip-ons as well as standard clip-ons and you can also think about going with flip-up clip-ons. The nice thing about using clip-on sunglasses for prescription glasses is that they won’t make your sunglasses look chunky and instead, will make them look more attractive and premium.

Before choosing clip-on sunglasses for prescription glasses, make sure that you consider the shape of your prescription frames. You need different ones if you are wearing round or rectangular or cat-eye frames. You also need to consider whether your frames have special features. After identifying the frame shape and other features, you can measure your clip-ons so that they suit the height and width of your frames. The bottom line is that clip-on sunglasses for prescription glasses are very versatile and they are also very practical and affordable. Be sure to buy them from as you will get to buy the best quality frames at the most affordable prices.

If you want to buy prescription sunglasses online in Canada, then make sure that you check out Here, you can discover the most trending prescription sunglasses online in Canada and all their products are original as well as affordable. They have earned the respect of eyewear lovers from all parts of the world and have built expertise over long years of serving clients worldwide. Here, you can choose from the largest selection of frames and lenses and you can buy the best styles at the most reasonable prices. When you shop at, you can open a whole new world of options and end up buying the best products at the best prices. is the place to have fun when shopping for prescription sunglasses online in Canada. The reason it is so good to shop here is that you can pick and choose from a vast variety of options and you can also pick the latest styles without breaking the bank in the process. The price range at is mind-boggling. You cannot imagine just how affordable their high-quality eyewear items are. Another thing that strikes you about is that they do their best to ensure a seamless and happy as well as satisfying customer shopping experience. You can easily browse their vast selection of frames and lenses and use their search functions to narrow your options to just those frames and lenses that are of interest to you.

The best part about shopping for prescription sunglasses online in Canada at is that they craft the best eyewear items for the discerning buyer. That means that when you shop here, you can protect your vision in style and at a very low and affordable cost. All their prescription sunglasses come with 100 percent UV protection and so you can enjoy your summer months with comfortable sunglasses that protect your vision and enhance it at the same time. is also the right place to shop for cheap prescription sunglasses in Canada. There are plenty of good reasons to order your cheap prescription sunglasses in Canada from this site, especially as you get to buy the trendiest eyewear items at a reasonable price point. This means that you are going to have a good time choosing your eyewear because you can find a pair to suit your personality and your budget. is the right place for those who are looking for an alternative to expensive eyewear sites. With more than a decade of experience behind them, this is the right place to shop for cheap prescription sunglasses in Canada. No longer do you have to break the bank to own good-quality eyewear, so, be sure to check it out.

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FAQs on Prescription Sunglasses at Eyewear Canada

Absolutely! Prescription sunglasses are available to accommodate almost any prescription strength, including single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses.

Most frame styles available for sunglasses will also be available as prescription sunglasses, which allows you to show off your style while satisfying your vision needs.

Pricing can range anywhere from $20 to over $700 depending on the strength of your prescription and the cost of the frames. Eyewear Canada offers prescription sunglasses for as little as CAD$32.

Generally prescription sunglasses do cost more because the lenses are customized to match your precise Rx. However, depending on where you buy, the upcharge isn’t too dramatic.

You can get the most expensive pair of frames with prescription sun lenses at Eyewear Canada for under $100, which makes for an affordable investment.

Sure! As a matter of fact, we encourage those with a prescription to wear prescription sunglasses while driving during the day.

A pair of prescription sun specs can come in handy for any outdoor activity, but driving, in particular, requires clear and focused vision. Wearing Rx sunglasses while driving will provide clarity to your eyesight, protection from harmful UV rays and defence against bright sun reflections that can distract you from the road.

Although there aren’t official laws in place everywhere that prohibit wearing sunglasses while driving at night, an officer can issue a citation for “negligent driving.”

Wearing sunglasses while driving at night or in low-light conditions can be extremely dangerous and is not recommended. Yellow-tinted driving glasses are available for purchase, but research shows they may not offer much assistance.

A recent study on the effectiveness of driving glasses found that the lenses did not improve visibility for drivers. In fact, some participants said the driving glasses actually made their visibility worse.

If you have trouble driving at night or in low-light conditions, it’s best to book an appointment with your eye doctor and discuss your options.

Yes, when you purchase a pair of sunglasses through an optical retailer, whether online or in-store, the option to add your prescription is available.

As mentioned before, the cost to add your prescription relies on a few factors, like how strong your prescription is and from where you purchase the frames — some retailers may charge more than others.

Yes! Polarized lenses are available to add to your prescription sunnies.

With polarized lenses, the amount of glare and eye strain experienced on a sunny day is reduced, providing further clarity to your vision.

There is an additional but not usually excessive cost to having your prescription lenses polarized, which varies depending on where you buy your sunglasses.

That is totally up to you. Both photochromic lenses, such as Transitions®, and prescription sunglasses have their unique benefits.

Photochromic lenses offer the convenience of adjusting automatically to UV exposure, so you don’t have to change out the glasses you’re wearing.

Although the newest Transitions® technology detects light levels as well, the lenses may not darken completely when you’re driving. This is due to the fact that windshields block a high percentage of the UV rays that photochromic lenses require to “transition”.

Prescription sunglasses don’t offer the convenience of automatic adjustment to sunlight, but once you have them on, you know that the level of UV protection you are getting is effective and consistent.

Before investing in either option, it’s important to consult with your eye doctor to help you determine what the best option is for your vision and sunwear needs.

We do not recommend wearing prescription sunglasses with prescription contact lenses.

This is because the prescription contacts already work to correct your eyesight. Adding prescription glasses on top of them can cause headaches, and eye strain and can even damage your vision.

We suggest buying a pair of high-quality non-prescription sunglasses to wear on days you choose to wear contact lenses.

If you already own a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses that you feel is a good size, then you can easily find its measurements and use them to shop for your next pair.

To find the measurements on your current frames, check the area of the glasses located near your temple. If there are no measurements present, check the bridge of the glasses on the side that rests against your skin.

What you’re looking for:

Your frames may have various numbers or symbols on the temples or bridge, but not all of them have to do with size.

Eye size and bridge size are normal side by side but sometimes have a little box symbol between them. The temple size can either immediately follow the eye and bridge size or could be separated by some other information.

The eye and bridge sizes are each made up of a two-digit number, while the temple size is made up of a three-digit number. Here's how to pinpoint them:
Eye size: ranges between 40 - 62
Bridge size: ranges between 14 - 24
Temple size: ranges between 120 - 150

Use these measurements to find a pair with a similar fit to what you already wear and prefer.

Prescription sunglasses are nothing but sunglasses that have prescription lenses to correct whatever vision impairment you are suffering from. Any pair of sunglasses that have lenses with power are known as prescription sunglasses.