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Prescription Eyeglasses For My Father

Were it not for the psychological test, I would not realize that I have ignored my father for so long a time. It was in a seminar class when the teacher suddenly asked us to answer some questions without thinking about them too much. None of us were well prepared for that test, so we didn't pay much attention to that at first. I can remember that ten questions are all about fathers. The teacher asked us to answer the questions one by one quickly and hand in the answer sheet as soon as possible.

The questions are about the details of the father in daily life. I didn't realize that even if I had shared the same space with my father for over 20 years, I could not figure out some of his habits. I didn't know the exact time of my father's birthday. Neither can I pick out some examples of what he is fond of. The truth is that all the answers are always the same. Nearly none of us can answer all ten questions quickly. To tell the truth, I felt ashamed of not knowing much about my father for he has given me much more than needed.

I went home directly instead of hanging out with my friends that day, frustrated. The scene I have seen would be remembered for a long time when my father is reading the newspaper on the sofa with difficulty. Suddenly I realized that my father was not a strong man anymore. He spent most of his time reading the daily newspaper after his retirement. As a result, I made one decision that I would buy him a pair of prescription eyeglasses which may be helpful.

I went to the website where I always find some sunglasses on hoping to find the suitable one for my father. Even if I cannot make sure which color he is in favor of, I thought he would like the dark one as other men do. At the same time, the shopkeeper advised that the prescription eyeglasses with full frames may fit the old better. So I ordered the prescription eyeglasses quickly, thinking that my father would feel my concern to some extent. Finally, I heard from my mother that my father was very surprised and moved on to receive the package. All I want to say is that the father is easily fulfilled. If only we children could give them more concern, even if it was a pair of prescription glasses, they would feel much happier.