How to Choose Rimless Glasses Frame?

Rimless spectacles have become very popular. With either a metal or plastic mount they offer a modern, minimalist look where the emphasis is on your eyes. Advances in lens design and materials have meant that rimless spectacles are available to wider prescription ranges than before.

They’re lightweight, unobtrusive, and stylish. That reduces the bulk caused by other lenses and again takes a bit more weight off of the bridge of your nose and your ears. Who wouldn’t want a pair? The actual eyeglasses frame is not one piece—you get the temples and the bridge. What holds them all together is the set of lenses you have put in. These aren’t like semi-rimless styles that have a clear wire across the bottom that fits into the grooves along the bottoms of the lenses. If you’ve had those and you hated them because the lenses dropped out, you may want to give rimless a try anyway.

You can also easily mix and match lens shapes and the temple and bridge color. With semi-rimless glasses, for example, there is a set lens shape that you have to go with for a particular frame to work. Depending on the store you go to, you may find that you can take a rimless eyeglass frame model with rectangular lenses and modify them with oval-shaped lenses because they are more flattering to your face. So the perfect burnished copper frames don’t have to pass you by simply because the lens size shown isn’t ideal for your features. Granted, it will take a bit of imagination to be sure they’ll work, but if there’s a similarly shaped pair (in the wrong color) on the rack to what you’re hoping for, you can try those on to be absolutely sure the shape works for you.

If you like the idea of lightweight frames but you like for your glasses to stand out, you still have options. You can choose brighter, colored metals or even just opt for a shinier metal as opposed to the matte ones available. Choose a fun light tint for your lenses if you like. You can still make them unique.

We believe the choice, style, quality and value of our rimless collection is second to none. Before you buy your next pair of spectacles take a look at our rimless collection and ask one of our staff about rimless and what it can can offer you – there’ss a style to suit almost everyone. For rimless spectacles, look no further.