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As a girl who has been near-sighted for almost ten years, I have tried many kinds of eyeglasses: rimless eyeglasses, semi-rim eyeglasses, and full-rim eyeglasses. Compared with the three types of eyeglasses, I feel that semi-rim eyeglasses suit me most. I would like to share with you my feelings about different types of eyeglasses divided by the frame.

My first pair of prescription eyeglasses were full-rim ones. At that time, I was only 12 years old and became near-sighted because of the health or overuse of my eyes. My father took me to a nearby optical store. I chose that pair of eyeglasses which had with pink plastic frame. I loved the color of the frame. However, after some time of wearing it, I felt it was uncomfortable. It was a little bit heavy thus putting too much pressure on my nose. One year later, I decided to buy a new pair.

To give less pressure to my nose, my second pair of prescription eyeglasses was a rimless one. Rimless eyeglasses are light in weight, and I felt much better when wearing them. However, since rimless eyeglasses only rely on the screws to hold the lenses, they are not durable. The screw would easily get loose and the lenses become unsteady.

Then I replaced it again. The third time I bought a semi-rim one. Semi-rim eyeglasses only have the upper halves of the lenses encircled by frames, thus are lighter than full-rim eyeglasses and firmer than rimless ones. Besides, semi-rim eyeglasses have diversified styles, colors, and shapes for choice. If people are not so satisfied with their natural look and want to add a little ornament to their faces, semi-rim eyeglasses are the best choice. This kind of eyeglasses would not change the wears' image as much as the full-rim ones.

Judged from my personal experience of wearing prescription eyeglasses, semi-rim eyeglasses are a better choice among others. Of course, different people have different tastes. The suitable ones are the best. Now I am thinking of buying another pair from an online store because my friend told me that this store is on a sales promotion from 20th March to 10 April. I can get a special discount if I offer the coupon code “HappyAllFool”. Tempting, isn't it? What is more, the current trend is that we need different eyeglasses to match different dressings. Just one pair of eyeglasses is not enough anymore. I should take the opportunity to buy myself a new pair!