Hooked on cheap sunglasses

I’m a beach bum; most of my vacation is spent in sunny coast. I love Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, and South Africa the most; they are great countries abundant in beaches, great beaches!

I’ve been a backpacker for over 10 years, been to over 40 countries. I really care about being cool and comfortable while traveling around. That’s why every time before I travel to a place, I’d think about wear what kind of sunglasses. I have an awful lot of sunglasses in stock, and I keep buying more to add variety. You must think that I’m a weirdo. Yes I am, to some degrees. But there’s no need to conceal this hobby, and it does not shame me. I always love all kinds of eyeglasses, especially cool prescription sunglasses!

Last summer, I traveled to Malaysia by myself. I brought with me 12 pairs of sunglasses, some are dark framed, some silver. It gave me a wide selection according to my mood. There’s no denying that coastal Malacca enjoys strong ultraviolet rays, which sucks a lot! But it never worries me, I’m prepared. Sunglasses with the function of blocking all the strong sunshine and ultraviolet rays out of my sight make me fine. Then I can really enjoy lying in on the soft sand and dozes off for a whole afternoon. That’s the best time you can ever have when there’s nothing to worry about and you’re far-far away from your boss.

I keep wearing sunglasses whenever the weather is shinny. So do my friends. We are quite like a “Sunglasses Gang”. We get sunglasses from different ways, of course, we love visiting glasses stores. OMG! Compared to going form one store to another, I really prefer to shop online. It saves a lot of time and there’s no need to make me worn out.

As a sunglasses expert myself, with a 10-year experience of buying sunglasses, surely, I know where to get the coolest and cheapest glasses. I bookmarked www.cheapglasses123.com in my explorer so that I can check it out every time when get on the internet. This site is really amazing! It sales good quality, fashion sunglasses, it’s sponsored by an eyeglasses company, and it’s just so reliable. Each time, I have ordered my glasses; they delivered it to me in a very short time.

While I was traveling, I made many good friends; they all know I’m a big fan of sunglasses, so they’d ask for me where to buy good sunglasses. I always recommend them cheapglasses123.com, cause I don’t worry if my friends would complain to me about it quality and service. They often write emails to thank me.